Servicing & Maintenance





All wheelchair assets that require servicing and maintenance schedules can be automated using the wheelchair interface, ad hoc tests can be fulfilled on the move using the app and can be configured to alert personnel when required. Specific tasks and test can be allocated to an asset, making sure they are used to their optimum and health safety procedures are always adhered to.
TCES Community allows every asset to have a defined planned preventative maintenance scheduling including inspections or services with specific time frames and service patterns applied. If, for example, an asset was purchased on the 5th Jan 2017 and it had a 6-month load test (LOLER) and an Annual PAT test applied to the catalogue product, these activities would be generated - A LOLER test would be scheduled for the 5th July 2017 and a PAT & LOLER test would be scheduled for the 5th January 2018. TCES Community also allows for a user to bring forward planned preventative maintenance, therefore if the date of an inspection or service was completed early or late the anniversary would be regenerated accordingly.

Every individual task or test can have simple information recorded such as completed time and date, who it was completed by etc., but more importantly every inspection or service will have a completion questionnaire attached, allowing for detailed information to be logged for a specific maintenance process.