Wheelchair Assessments & Ordering




Wheelchair Ordering

Incorporating an online catalogue with all wheelchair prescriptions negating the need for paperwork, meaning new and recycled wheelchairs can be ordered seamlessly.

The intelligent wheelchair catalogue allows recycled wheelchairs to be ordered alongside standard and specialist new wheelchairs, negating the need for lengthy paper wheelchair prescriptions. Configure even the most specialist wheelchairs in minutes using the manufacturer led templates for base chair and associated accessories.
Once an e-assessment has occurred all technical data is sent electronically, along with the wheelchair configuration. The order is automated and sent to the wheelchair fulfilment workshops to make sure that the build meets the service user requirements. The technician who is configuring the wheelchair is alerted of the picking list via the mobile app, making sure the online configuration assessment records are always followed.
After pre-delivery inspection questionnaire sign off the speed of delivery and a specific timeslot is selected depending on the priority of an order and suitability for the service user.

ordering screenshot
ordering screenshot




Prescription redemption orders

TCES Community has supported e-prescription redemption for over 8 years through loan equipment redemption, local retailers and pharmacies. This service linked to NHS choices is available to users through participating organisations as part of the wheelchair service solution.